SINGLE REVIEW: Guy Sebastian – Candle


One thing I’ve always been impressed about Guy Sebastian is that he constantly re-invents himself and experiments with new sounds. He already has an established RNB and soul sound but he’s always wary of never being placed in just one box. His surprise new single “Candle” is his most experimental to date and shows a grittier and sexier side to him than we’ve heard before. Lyrically it’s a serenade to his wife as it looks at knocking back temptations while touring because the key to his heart is waiting at home. “She got that dress on to show her curves and she came backstage to do some work. I knew when she said hello she was ready to go. Round her finger round my shirt. Back it up, back it up, back it up I ain’t tryna do nothing. Back it up, back it up, back it up al I want is my woman”. It’s all very sweet but the production is so gritty with Lenny Kravitz vibes and dark EDM influences that makes this song a stand alone contender in his discography. No longer is he just appealing to middle aged housewives that voted for him on Australian Idol, he’s expanding his market and touching on a more genuine sound that would perfectly fit on Triple J’s rotation. His vocal delivery is still as impressive as ever, going from a dark register into this sweet falsetto that may just melt you. It’s a catchy and dark ballad that explodes in the chorus and I hope radio decides to bend the boundaries and give it a decent rotation because while it may not be a typical radio track it also the reason why it works. Let’s be honest, no one wants another “Mama Ain’t Proud”.

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  1. Guy had just turned 23 when he won Idol – I was 13 – it was the tweenies and teens who voted for him on mass!! Hot30 was my fav voting show afterwards. Give me another 20 years and I might be classed as a middle aged Mum. This is a great review of his musical change in direction yet again. The reason Guy Sebastian is still going BANGERS is that faultless voice of his and the fact that he is very gifted as a musician, songwriter and producer and yes he has the ability to re-invent himself with each album release.

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