SINGLE REVIEW: Sia feat. Kendrick Lamarr – The Greatest  


Ever since the Orlando shootings there has been a massive empowerment message of unity and equality in the music industry from artists, songwriters and producers alike. And while it’s been a touching display you can’t help but question if some of them have motives other than support and empowerment. Some of the releases have been a bit cliché and there’s been no evidence of support other than a song that they are earning royalties/receiving promotion from. So when I heard Sia was releasing a song in support I had the reaction of “here we go, another one” because it seems like every week another artist is jumping on the bandwagon. But the result is a visually endearing piece of work that stands out as the strongest and most beautiful tribute yet. “The Greatest” is an uplifting pop track with a slight island vibe that drifts in and out of her soaring and emotional vocals. Production wise it is very similar to her previous single “Cheap Thrills” and that’s the only problem with Sia’s music recently. She has become this predictable artist who has already broken her boundaries and hasn’t really grown further since. So if we take this out of the equation then this song is very impressive and perfectly captures the euphoric vibe it aims to embody. Kendrick Lamarrs rap though…. Was it really necessary? I say no.

Side note; Artistically the accompanying music video is a beautiful piece of stand alone work and if it doesn’t at least give you goosebumps then you don’t have a heart.

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