SINGLE REVIEW: Lady Gaga – Perfect Illusion


I think it’s very important to remember that Lady Gaga has never been the type of artist who has done what you expect or obliged with current trends. So if you want a new “Bad Romance” then you are deluded and if you are expecting her to do an EDM/Pop banger then that would just be too predictable. With her highly anticipated fourth studio album slated for release towards the end of the year, we have finally got the first taste of what is to come. “Perfect Illusion” is a rock/EDM track that focuses on her vocals with a simplistic hook that is bound to get stuck in your head. Produced by Mark Ronson, Kevin Parker and Bloodpop this song was always destined to be unique and the raw production has me hooked from the gritty guitars to the holy key change. Yes, the key change. I don’t think I have yet recovered from that smooth transition. It added another texture to the track which will really be served justice in her live performances. While the song is very repetitive the lyrics are very relatable and look at how we have lost the human connection because of social media as we are all trying to create a illusion of the “perfect” life we lead. She does repeat the song title 21 times so I don’t think you are going to forget it anytime soon and while it may not be a bubblegum-pop banger inspired by “The Fame” it’s definitely a step in the right direction after “Artflop’.

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