“Where Is The Love” is probably one of The Black Eyed Peas’ most iconic songs and for good reasons and while there was a lot of heart behind this re-release I have to ask; was it really necessary? I get the political movement as to why it was re-released and think that the meaning behind this song is very relevant and needed in the world currently. But a whole production overhaul with auto-tune to the max and a slick electronic hook was not needed. This song always thrived because the RNB production was minimal, natural and had strong harmonies. Where as on this version it’s almost unrecognisable. All three original guys have solos but Fergie was stuck to harmonising in one small segment which is a bit disappointing when Jessie J outshines her. There are a lot of guest vocals on this awareness version but the vocal production even makes Mary J Blige and Justin Timberlake unrecognisable until you watch the video and piece it together. I vote that the original just get reintroduced to radio and re-enters the charts because the impact would be a lot stronger instead of this forgettable and slightly messy re-release.

p.s  Black Eyed Peas please feel free to return from hiatus anytime soon, and bring Fergie with you too.

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