SINGLE REVIEW: Tkay Maidza – Carry On


It’s been three years in the making but Tkay Maidza is finally dropping her highly anticipated debut album at the end of October. The self titled release is a collection of fourteen unreleased tracks lead by new single “Carry On” feat Killer Mike. Now this is a bold move after having four distinctive and successful singles in the lead up to this release to just completely disregard them. But also we’re not completely complaining because we need some new bops in our life and she’s delivering just that. “Carry On” is a BIG song which centres around a rhythmic dancehall beat and bold sirens. Lyrically it looks at all the people that have come into her life recently and try to drag her down or give their unwanted feedback but she just shakes it off. Literally. Cause this song will have you grooving, bopping and just getting low. “Carry On” is a strong lead single for this record but production wise I do feel like we have already heard this similar sound from her before with “Uh-Huh” and “Finish Them”. Regardless it’s super catchy and will be stuck in your head from the minute you hear it.



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