SINGLE REVIEW: You Me At Six – Night People

For the past eight years You Me At Six have been delivering you the same pop-rock sound, just with different lyrics. Their last album “Caviler Youth” was a bitter disappointment of uninspired lyrics and flat hooks. With the announcement of their forthcoming fifth studio album “Night People” I’m not going to lie and say I was really that excited or intrigued to hear what they had deiced to recycle. But to my pleasant surprise they’ve gone towards a more rock influenced sound with grittier production. The lead single of the same name is no where near their strongest track but what it does succeed at doing is introducing their new sound in a calm but blunt manner. “We are night people roaming the streets. Night people, we get what we need. It’s what you want, It’s what you need”. While we won’t receive the album until January 2017 at least we are aware that we have be stripped of the recycled sound and a new era for the You Me At Six boys has begun.


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