ALBUM REVIEW: Frank Ocean – Blonde


To say I’m confused with what is going on within the Frank Ocean camp is an understatement. Not only did he release a visual album through Apple Music with Universal Music called “Endless” the next day he released an entirely different album independently through Apple Music. W HA T. So you say we’ve waited 4 years and we get two albums in the space of 48 hours?! I’m pretty sure he’s breached some contractual agreements doing this but really it’s such a smart career move to have complete control on what you release. Now, I’m not going to review “Endless” because in my non-popular opinion I thought the visual accompaniment was quite uninspired and dull. However musically the lyrics though were emotional, inspiring and a great commentary about society and life. “Never fuck someone you wouldn’t wanna be though”. And the sound was pretty on point and transitions well into the third studio album and the one he really wants you to focus on. It’s important to know that “Blonde” is completely different to “Channel Orange” and always was going to be electively different. The producer list should have given that away immediately, but what he’s delivered is an intimate and mature collection that doesn’t compel himself to any particular sound or image. Lyrically he makes an impact with his emotional and sensitive craft smith of words that blur the lines of sexuality never really exposing if he’s talking about male or female love interests. The major difference about this record and “Channel Orange” is that there is no “hit single” on this collection as such. There’s nothing that screams radio single and thats okay. What he has created is a in-depth and personal record that doesn’t rely on gimmicky hooks or commonly used synths to become loveable. It’ an album you play from start to finish and you appreciate his vocals and the lyrics. Its not album of the year and it’s not as memorable as Channel Orange but it’s a strong comeback that marks the beginning of his independent musical journey

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