EP REVIEW: Carly Rae Jepsen – E.mo.tion Side B


Carly Rae Jepsen’s sophomore studio album “E.mo.tion” is the gift that keeps on giving. After a successful year with the hit singles “Run Away With Me” and “I Really Like You” as well as the beginning of the “Queen Of” memes she’s ready to impress all over again. To celebrate the year anniversary of the album and the completion of her tour she’s compiled a collection of previously un-released b-sides from the “E.mo.tion” recording sessions. Individually all 8 songs deserved to feature on the album or at least see the light of day because they are THAT good. Sonically they continue the euphoric and heartfelt synth-pop goodness with its 80’s throwback that the album perfectly mastered. Opening track “First Time” has hit written all over it and I honestly thought I was bald after the first listen because I was that shook. The production breakdown is the definition of euphoric and will have you instantly up and dancing while the lyrics are super relatable. “Cause when my heart breaks it always feels like the first time, first time. But if you stay here we could kiss away the goodbye, goodbye”. She continues the euphoric synth bops with “Higher”, “Body Language” and “Store” serving you that 80s and 90 nostalgia. One thing I loved about her last album were the mid-tempo synth tracks and “Fever” and “The One” perfectly capture the essence of what I loved from this experimentation. They implement the oozing vocals and synths while allowing the emotion she’s trying to capture not be over shadowed by production. But it was “Cry” that stole my heart and impressed me with its slick production and vocal attributes. “He never wants to strip down to his feelings, he never wants to kiss and close his eyes. He never wants to cry. I never really know when he’ll be leaving and even with hello I hear goodbye. He always makes me cry”. The only song on this release that I didn’t really find that connecting was “Roses” and with it closing the EP it became pretty forgettable once you went back and pressed replay on “First Time”. If you still refuse to listen to this release and it’s accompanying album because of her early material and the sad “rep” she has received then you need to get over yourself. Carly Rae Jepsen has matured as an artist and a performer and is proving that she really is a force to be reckoned with. Because honestly this 8 track EP just outshone Britney Spears whole 17 track new album, and that’s saying something.

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