ALBUM REVIEW: Britney Spears – Glory


If we pretend that her dismal 2013 album “Britney Jean” doesn’t exist then you can say that Britney Spears has released a strong and versatile collection of records over the past 17 years. And her ninth studio album “Glory” introduces a new maturity and growth to her sound. Working alongside some of the industries hottest writers and producers including the dream duo Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter they’ve experimented with a more RNB, burlesque and latin influence for this new era. While the album is flawed with some flavourless tracks like “Invitation” and “Man On The Moon” she does deliver a good amount of absolute bops like “Clumsy” and some semi-good tracks like “Private Show” that just need another element to boost them. The production is a lot more natural with the incorporation of guitars and latin influences that were missing from her clean cut pop sound and the ill-fated EDM experimentation she had on her last record. There are elements from all her previous records on this mature affair with a more distinguation of who she is an artist. Her vegas showgirl roots show in the funky “Do You Wanna Come Over” and “What You Need” while her vocals show personality that has been lacking for years. My favourite moments on “Glory” come from the more RNB influenced “Just Luv Me”, “Slumber Party” and “Just Like Me” which deliver a more intimate offering. “You could ask me for a sorry, let it calm before the storm. Ask for pieces of my body until all of it is yours. But I’m not gonna ask you for nothing, just luv me”. These moments remind me of Selena Gomez latest album “Revival” which I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised about because she did work with the same collaborators. But don’t take that as shade, because really it was a strong move for Britney because Selena is killing it at the moment and really perfected her last record.

At least she got the EDM sound right on this album with “Hard To Forget Ya” and the ultimate bop (and frustratingly bonus track addition) “Better” which would fit perfectly well on mainstream radio alongside all your favourite indie-pop-edm tracks. And while on the deluxe edition “If I’m Dancing” and “Coupure Electrique” could be easily forgotten it’s the seductive “Change Your Mind” and banger “Liar” which deserve justice and should’ve replaced “Invitation” and “Man On The Moon” on the official tracklisting. Britney has redeemed herself with “Glory” and while it may not be the definition of perfection that the Britney stans would like you to believe it’s definitely a step up from “Britney Jean” and sees her going toward a sound and direction that is truly her and refined.


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