EP REVIEW: Laura Roy – Laura Roy


I love listening to good pop music because when it’s done right a simplistic idea that may have been done 100 times over can feel so new, fresh and euphoric. And independent Canadian artist Laura Roy has done just that. Her debut EP “Don’t Chase” is a collection of early 90’s RNB infused synth pop that throws it back and delivers an injection of euphoric pop music that you’ve been missing. Opening with lead single “Don’t Chase” she plays on the “chase your dreams” with the message of work hard and be rewarded. The infectious beat will have you instantly grooving and throwing your hands up saying “don’t chase the feeling baby”. But it was the funky “Looking The Other Way” that stole my heart on the first listen. This slick production incorporates synths so seamlessly which makes me confused why so many of your fave pop artists have failed in the past when they’ve tried to create something similar to this gem. “Bright Lights” is the staple cheesy moment which you can’t help but gush at the cute lyrics of being homesick and missing the bright lights and warmth that home has. “Full Moon” is your love moment but it is quickly overshadowed by the sexy “Take Me Down” which highly impressed with it’s production, vocals and seductive lyrics. Closing the EP is the super-pop and funky “Plastic” which gives you sassy lyrics and shows a playful, fuck you sort of attitude that we hadn’t seen of her as of yet. “You can’t break a heart that’s made of plastic”. The best way to describe the sound of this EP is a mixture between Carly Rae Jepsen and Tori Kelly because you have that giddy-cheesy pop sound but then you have this funk and soul delivery collectively making it one killer collection. If you love pop music then Laura Roy is an artist you need to discover because to say I’m impressed by this release is an understatement.


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