SINGLE REVIEW: Ellie Goulding – Still Falling For You


I really want you to know that I’m being unbiased when I say this but Ellie Goulding really is the queen of movie soundtracks and she’s done it yet again. “Still Falling For You” is the lead single for the new Bridget Jones movie which is in cinemas this September. The mid-tempo pop ballad follows the same formula as her 2015 hit “Love Me Like You Do”. Beginning with minimalistic production the song builds with the addition of finger snaps and moody piano before bursting into a big dramatic synth filled chorus. This euphoric song looks at that moment you know you cant live without a particular person even if so much has happened in the past. it’s just a continuous cycle, and this romantic song perfectly showcases that. “And just like that; all I breathe, all I feel, you are all for me. No one can lift me, catch me the way that you do. I’m still falling for you”. It definitely falls into the saturated pop spectrum that her latest album “Delirium” sported and kind of cements the fact that we may not see the alternative-pop side of her again anytime soon. With each listen the song grows onto you but while the production really captures the mood the build up shouldn’t have been so drawn-out because the the first verse and chorus almost become forgettable. “Still Falling For You” is a romantic anthem and if you sit there and tell me it didn’t make you feel anything then I’m sorry but you don’t have a heart.


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