I don’t even know how to begin to describe K.Flay’s unique sound. I guess you would call her alternative-pop-hop. Yeah let’s stick with that. She kind of just creates music that feel’s right to her and doesn’t restrict herself to a specific genre. Her fourth EP “Crush Me” is her darkest and most expressive release to date. Lead single “Blood In The Cut” has just been spotlighted in the promo spots for the new season of Scream Queens and features grunge-y guitars and a pulsating drum beat. This hypnotising track will become stuck in your head after a couple of listens with its progressive growth. “Hollywood Forever” continues the grunge experimentation where she admits “In the dark everything looks better”. “Dreamers” brings back her hip-hop roots with trippy synths and (excuse the pun) dreamy vocals in the hook. “You Felt Right” ties the whole EP together with another hip-hop trip which is also the strongest track in the collection. “I’m always in the wrong place at the wrong time, headed on a bad trip with the wrong high”. Lyrically this EP is really expressive and manages to juggle her witty banter and dark thoughts. The fact she can go from “The boy I love’s got another girl, he might be fucking her right now” to “Said a cheers to the demons who’ve been with me all evening, all i wanted was to never be seen” and “I used to feel alone, I used to not belong but little did I know I had the power all along. The only thing to fear is never being scared” is an impressive feat. K.Flay is still doing what she’s always done and that is create music that holds no boundary and this EP is another brilliant little collection to add to your moody playlists.


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