EP REVIEW: Jordan Fisher – Jordan Fisher


Jordan Fisher is Disney’s newest artist to sign to Hollywood Records and with their track record I wasn’t expecting him to have too much creative control for this project, but apparently I was wrong. His debut single “All About Us” was an impressive urban-pop crossover which echoed the production styles of Usher and Nick Jonas. It was a sexy sound that Hollywood Records haven’t really dabbled too much in previously. “Baby just be still, let your body talk to me. I’ll give you everything you need”. his vocal delivery was full of confidence and falsetto that no one would’ve guessed the kid had when he featured on the Teen Beach Movie Soundtrack. He proved with this song that he wasn’t just your average teen Disney star. The rest of the EP though lacked strength. The production attempts of “Counterfeit” and “All I Wanna Do” were over saturated trying to be this big RNB sound and the delivery just didn’t succeed. However the infectious “Lookin’ Like That” brought a funk that this EP really needed. It’s a sound that he should definitely explore further because he pulled off the charm that it needed to deliver in such a big way. It’s just a shame that the other two songs weren’t executed in the right way otherwise he would’ve made a major impact.

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