SINGLE REVIEW: One Republic – Kids


The lead up for One Republic’s forthcoming fourth studio album is becoming a little ridiculous. We still don’t have a name or a release date and from the sounds of the press release they’ve dropped “Wherever I Go” as the lead single and replaced it with this new little bop. “Kids” is less inventive, not as experimental and is overall not as memorable for the right reasons as the previous single. But in saying that, it still provides a formula that radio will love and if you can get past the genericness then it is an enjoyable track. Lyrically Ryan Tedder delivers a reflective look at life and the promises you make to yourself as a kid and questioning if you are really fulfilling those. “And on most of the days we were searching for ways to get up and get out of the town that we were raised, yeah cause we were done”. The song sounds like it belongs on their last album “Native” and doesn’t really show evidence of growth. Maybe I’m just a bit disappointed cause I really liked the direction and experimentation they were going towards with “Wherever I Go” and this song just seems like a step back not a step forward.


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