LIVE REVIEW: Selena Gomez – Brisbane Entertainment Centre

selena rev

In 2014 Selena Gomez had to cancel her Australian leg of the Stars Dance Tour due to illness and she wasn’t going to let history repeat itself. Hours before her show at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre the songstress posted on Snapchat “I think I might have Strep throat. Going to do absolutely everything and anything I can do to perform tonight” . And everything she did. Strutting her way onto the stage to “Revival” before launching into the explosive “Same Old Love” and a urban remix of “Come And Get It” she showed the crowd that she wasn’t going to let a case of Strep throat stop her. Before “Sober” she apologised to the crowd and explained she was a little under the weather but exclaimed that she loved the city and wouldn’t take her so long next time to come back. She gave the crowd a 80 minute pop extravaganza that was reminiscent of Britney Spears early tours. Visually the show revolved around minimal theatrics and focused more on the choreography that her legion of dancers kept interesting along with a epic lighting display. Then there were the artistic projections on the three giant LCD screens which at times were a bit risqué but playful and helped identify her growth as an artist. The show was divided into 5 sections which all had unique costume changes and allowed her to showcase songs from her new album “Revival” as well as throwback to some of her old material like “Love You Like A Love Song”, “Slow Down” and the emotionally raw “Who Says”. It was noticeably apparent that her vocals were strained and that she was avoiding hitting high notes in songs like “Nobody” and “Me & The Rhythm” but the crowd were sympathetic and appreciative of the show and strong vocals she was providing under the unfortunate circumstances. She even premiered a new song from her forthcoming third studio album called “Feel Me” which continued on from the ‘Good For You” sound but with a heavier dance experimentation. “Hands To Myself”, “Kill Em With Kindness”, “Good For You” and “Me & My Girls” had the crowd dancing and going crazy before the singer closed the show with “I Want You To Know” and a remix reprise of “Revival” which was a fitting end to this energetic and reflective show. So while she may have been sick Selena Gomez still gave Brisbane the best pop show they have seen all year. So thats a impressive and noteworthy feat.

Supporting the show was a band that has been billed as “your new favourite band” and honestly they aren’t wrong with that title. DNCE is fronted by Joe Jonas (yes, the ex Jonas Brother himself) and features the energetic and entertaining Cole Whittle, JinJoo Lee and Jack Lawless. They bombarded onto the stage with the infectious “Pay My Rent” and played a set of covers and tracks from their debut EP including “Jinx” and “Toothbrush. The also debuted a couple of new songs from their forthcoming debut studio album with the self titled track “DNCE” really stands out with it’s euphoric hook and interesting production breakdowns. I can’t even begin to explain how energetic and visually entertaining this band are live. They don’t really stand in one place for too long with Cole Whittle running around while playing bass and doing leg kicks. Respect to them. Closing out their set with “Cake By The Ocean” Joe ran into the crowd and climbed to the top of the arena to get a new perspective before returning to the stage to take a bow while “We Are The Champions” blasts through the PA. And I have to note how happy Joe Jonas looks on stage fronting this band compared to the final years of Jonas Brothers where his heart just didn’t seem in it anymore.


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