SINGLE REVIEW: Lisa Mitchell – The Boys

You may remember her from Australian Idol but Lisa Mitchell has made a name for herself with a string of heartfelt indie/pop/folk tracks that captured her unique shy and emotional personality. After announcing the release of her third studio album “Warriors” she has premiered the first single which offers a sun-soaked sound perfect for festival season. ‘The Boys” is directed towards the commercial music industry which her last album “Bless This Mess” didn’t cater for. It’s experimental and is similar to the current indie-pop trend with light synths and percussion surrounding a peak hook. The song looks at how boys are always showing affection to each other by playing games, joking around or drinking with a real light heartedness which is very different to the way girls interact with each other. She confesses in the chorus “I think I’m beginning to care” after noticing the behavioral difference. The song still has a main focus around her instantly recognizable vocals allowing the harmonies to create a spotlight. This song is bound to get you intrigued to hear her forthcoming record as it’s different to her previous material but still holds onto elements that made you fall in love with her debut in 2009.