LIVE REVIEW: Troye Sivan – Riverstage

I’ve never be overly supportive of the whole YouTube and music crossover trend but Troye Sivan is an exception to that. His debut album was an impressive and mature collection celebrating equality, love, unity and staying true to yourself. It also helps that he was already musically inclined and talented before YouTube catapulted him to fame unlike other hopefuls, *cough, Ricky Dillon, cough*. Finally bringing his “Blue Neighborhood Tour” down under, 9000 people packed the hill of the Riverstage eagerly anticipating what was being hyped as an “unforgettable’ show. Now I’m going to be quite blunt when I say this but this wasn’t an unforgettable show in the way he hoped for at all. Actually it was plagued by terrible production and for the duration of the 90 minute show I think I actually only saw him for about 10 minutes of it. The stage was covered in thick smoke with dark lights trying to create a mood and look aesthetically pleasing but in reality it actually made it hard for the audience to see him. And then Troye is vertically challenged so a low stage design made it impossible for anyone on the standing floor level past the first couple of rows to see him. So I can’t really comment on his stage presence expect for his super gracious banter between songs which had everyone gushing and swooning over him. The show would’ve been enhanced with some LCD screens or a stage set up that involved levels for him to stand on because the direction felt lost. However his vocals were impressively strong and have highly improved over the past couple of years and his incorporation of a live band brought these powerful songs to life. With a setlist compiled of tracks from his debut album and a stripped down cover of Dua-Lipa’s “Be The One” he pleased all of his passionate fans who sung every word right back at him. While the production was average and I spent most of the show just dancing to the music it was still an enjoyable experience which I’m sure over time he will improve on because the foundations are already there.