LIVE REVIEW: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Brisbane Entertainment Centre


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are one of those artists you either love or hate. And I personally don’t understand the negative views against them because not only do they provide the bangers they also provide some heartfelt moments that push the boundaries. Personal opinions aside the dynamic duo headlined a night of high energy and ridiculous fun at the Entertainment Centre to a half engaging crowd. The show opened with a dramatic performance of “Light Tunnels” before launching into the colorful “Brad Pitt’s Cousin”. The setlist was compiled of tracks from the duos new album “This Unruly Mess I’ve Made” like “St. Ides”, “Growing Up” and “White Privellage II” as well as mixing it up with old favourites “Wing$”,  “Same Love” and “Can’t Hold Us”. An early set highlight was the breakthrough hit “Thrift Shop” which saw Macklemore throwing out clothes into the crowd. This wasn’t the only time he threw things into the crowd, later on in the show before “Let’s Eat” he catapulted cookies into the crowd which made me instantly hungry, so thanks for that. (Side note: I’m still a little pressed I didn’t catch one). The show was built around crowd interaction and visual aspects with a killer light and pyrotechnics display, dancers, a live drawing segment, crowd surfing and even invited fans on stage for a dance off. For a rapper that is a pretty extravagant show and had a lot of obvious highlights but my personal highlights were the more intimate moments where he candidly opened up about his daughter and touring. The only disappointing aspect of the show was the crowd. Brisbane has an issue with standing up and enjoying the moment if there are seats involved and as hard as Macklemore tried they didn’t listen until the encore where “Can’t Hold Us”, “Dance Off” and “Downtown” closed out the show. Classic Brisbane ruining the vibes yet again. Besides our lack of excitement Macklemore & Ryan Lewis delivered a high energy and memorable show accompanied by a epic live band and unique stage presence.


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