SINGLE REVIEW: Martin Garrix feat. Bebe Rexha – In The Name Of Love


Bebe Rexha is one of favourite pop newcomers and for good reason. She’s responsible for writing some of your favourite pop tracks over the past couple of years and featured in multiple Top 10 singles. Her recent single “No Broken Hearts” may just be the most underrated song of 2016 so I’m hoping her new collaboration with Martin Garrix doesn’t receive the same treatment. “In The Name Of Love” is a simple pop/dance song that incorporates elements of your favourite songs of the same genre. Her voice haunts through the verses and soars during the chorus giving you a moment that is bop worthy. Martin’s production is simplistic and similar to the rest of the pop/dance tracks on that charts at the moment but this genre really relies on trendsetters so that’s not really surprising. What I love about this song is that it is so genuinely likeable and creates this euphoric vibe that you can’t help but want to dance along to from the moment you hear it. “Would you let me lead you even when you’re blind? In the darkness, in the middle of the night. In the silence, when there’s no one by your side. Would you call in the name of love?”. Is it THE song of the summer? No. But is it a hit? The answer is yes.


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