SINGLE REVIEW: JOJO feat Wiz Khalifa – Fuck Apologies


JoJo was a voice of a generation. Like literally though. “Leave (Get Out)” and “Too Little, Too Late” are still two of the most relevant and quotable songs in existence. But because of label issues we were deprived of 9 years of JoJo music except for some underwhelming EP’s that just didn’t have enough support behind them. But last year our prayers were answered and she didn’t just release one single but she released three… at once. Talk about making up for lost time. After touring and working on her forthcoming third studio album the next single “Fuck Apologies” is here and ready to give you some serious “don’t fuck with me” vibes. “What you want from me? I would say I’m sorry if i really meant it. Fuck apologies”. The song features a flavourless rap from Wiz Khalifa which would’ve offered the same desirable outcome without his feature. But I guess it’s a name drop that helps the “I should check this out” cause. Her vocals have a lot of attitude and weirdly sound like Jessica Mauboy. When I first listened to this song I had to double take to make sure I hadn’t accidentally clicked on a new Jessica Mauboy song instead because that’s how eerily they sound the same. This is a heavier RNB direction compared to her previous singles that she released last year but it goes back to her roots that everyone was hoping for and the result is a TUNE. It’s catchy, sassy and very quotable and grows on you with each listen. So I think it’s safe to say that JOJO is back.

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