SINGLE REVIEW: Fickle Friends – Cry Baby

There’s no better feeling than discovering a new tune and Fickle Friends have delivered just that. Their highly anticipated debut studio album is expected to drop in the second half of the year and they are planning to keep on rolling out the summery indie-pop vibes.

“Cry Baby” continues on the sound their 2015 EP “Velvet” offered, and takes a leaf out of HAIM’S book with the style and layering of production. It’s an infectious and playful song that relies on the breakdown of production to help create the memorable moments. The chorus will have you hooked and reaching for the replay button. “Why do we all get it wrong, you were right all along. I’m a cry baby and do you cry baby?” they sing.

If you haven’t heard of this band as of yet then it’s okay because you get to discover them and have the moment of “fuck this is a cool song”, and then binge listen their just as enjoyable back catalogue.

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