SINGLE REVIEW: Banks – Fuck With Myself


If you love Indie pop then you’re probably already well acquainted with Banks. Her debut album “Goddess” was the soundtrack of many heartbroken souls in 2014 and saw this awkward 28 year old turn into a… well goddess. Her sophomore studio album “The Altar” is scheduled for release in September and if this lead single is anything to judge by then prepare for bangers and major feels. “Fuck With Myself” is not the song you entirely expected from Banks but melodically it kinda of works as a simplistic sequel to “Begging For Thread”. It is dark, moody and the beat is a touch sardistic and will have you strutting instantaneously. It oozes confidence but still holds onto the vulnerability her music has always thrived on and you will awkwardly start whispering the chorus in public and receive strange looks from people. And you may think that was a strange and detailed comment to make but I talk from first hand experience, so thank you Banks for that awkward experience. “I used to care what you think about me, its all love cause my love so good. So I fuck with myself more than anybody else”. This is a song you need to blast in your headphones while going for a walk to really appreciate it in it’s entirety. It just has the vibes, I don’t know how else to explain it.


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