SINGLE REVIEW: Lolawolf feat. Miley Cyrus – Teardrop


I always love discovering unique music and one of my favourite discoveries in 2014 was New York electronic trio Lolawolf. Over the space of 2 EP’s and a studio album their experimental sound has shifted between electronic and RNB vibes. With their sophomore studio album scheduled for release in the second half of the year they’ve just dropped new single and Miley Cyrus collaboration “Teardrop”. This is not the first time the two acts have collaborated together, Miley featured in the bands music video for “Bitch” and invited them to open for her on her Bangerz Tour in Australia. This song is a melodic affair which has lead vocalist Zoe Kravitz harmonising with Cyrus and providing a natural and dreamy asthectic. The production is quite mellow compared to their beat saturated material which you may be accustomed to. But this song does impress from it’s emotional lyrics to the simple vocal delivery. “Oh you fall in love and you love when its done. I’ma make your teardrop”. This is not a radio single or something a typical Miley Cyrus fan is going to be hoping for but it is a track that grows on you with each listen and genuinely intrigues the listener. If you have never heard of Lolawolf before then this is a great introduction to the strange beats you should be preparing for. But do you know what did leave my head scalped? That tempo change toward the end of the song. BYE.





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