SINGLE REVIEW: The Pretty Reckless – Take Me Down


It feels like we’ve been waiting for new music from The Pretty Reckless for a ridiculously long time and after a change of direction on their highly successful sophomore studio album “Going To Hell” I was intrigued to hear what they had planned for this next record. “Take Me Down” is the first official single and it kicks off musically where the last album left off. Less grunge than their debut and more traditional rock with heavy guitar riffs complemented by Taylor Momsen’s powerhouse and raspy vocals. The song tell’s the story of how she sold her soul to the devil for rock n roll and allows great moments for call and response techniques. “Waiting at these crossroads forever and a day on a guy to buy my soul. I spend all night and day, how much harder can I play? You know I gave my life to rock n roll”. After a few listens the song grows on you with its simplistic sound but you can’t help like you’ve already heard it before. It’s a generic sound that would have perfectly fit on “Going to Hell” and for a lead single you would’ve hoped to see some sort of evolution.

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