SINGLE REVIEW: Alfie Arcuri – Cruel

The Voice may just be hands down the most cringeworthy reality tv platform out there. Like I mean looking at the past winners and contestants worldwide the only artist who has had real success is Melanie Martinez who appeared on the 2012 season of the US juggernaut. And don’t even get me started on the Australian “winners” who over the years have toured the RSL circuits and have become more irrelevant than Casey Donovan. Anyway apparently a new season has finished and the new winner to join the “hall of fame” is 27 year old Sydney based Architect Alfie Arcuri. His debut single “Cruel” has failed to peak higher than 30 on the ITunes chart and is currently predicted to sell less than 1500 copies and not even debut in the top 40 Aria Charts. There a few factors behind these embarrassing figures and sadly none of them are to do with how talented he actually is as a vocalist. First of all the TV show is a weak platform that focuses more on the reality tv side than the actual talent and artists they are trying to catapult. Second of all the song is just an awful winners single. The hook is flat, the production sounds like it’s been created on garage band and the song in general doesn’t suit his vocal strength. So why was it chosen? That’s a question I don’t think I will ever understand the answer to.






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