SINGLE REVIEW: Demi Lovato – Body Say


She may have just released an album at the end of last year but when you own your own record label you have the freedom to release music whenever you like. And that’s exactly what Demi Lovato has done. Dropping the sultry dance ballad “Body Say” that oozes confidence and screams sex appeal she has offered a different vulnerability than she has offered before. This sexually charged song will have you feeling a bit heated and slightly impressed with just how open she is lyrically. “You can touch me with slow hands, speed it up baby make me sweat. Dreamland, take me there cause I want your sex. If my body had a say i wouldn’t turn away. Touch, make love, taste you”. The production is seductive, moody and has a slight groove which is similar to Co-Owner Nick Jonas’ recent material. It’s a song that grows on you with every listen and honestly sounds more truthful to the direction she wants to go in compared to her recent album.