Brisbane powerhouse vocalist Grace topped the charts with her cover of Lesley Gore’s “You Don’t Own Me” featuring G-Eazy and thoroughly impressed with her debut EP “Memo”. Offering a pop/soul sound that is influenced by hip-hop production she mastered what Meghan Trainor has desperately attempted to do. Her debut album “FMA” which stands for “Forgive My Attitude” is an appropriate title because that is exactly what she gives with this release, attitude and a good amount of it. This collection of ballads drifts in and out of coffee-house soul that is reminiscent to Amy Winehouse while others offer a brassier and more commercially friendly Meghan Trainor sound. She croons through “Hell Of A Girl” and one of my personal highlights “Coffee” which are perfect for early mornings while her vocals transport you to another era. She turns it up with “Church On A Sunday”, “Hope You Understand” and the playful “Boys Boys Boys”. These songs are essential for this record because they break up the mellow material and offer transparency. Over production is an issue on “Crazy Over Here” and “Say” which just come across a bit too try hard and don’t seem genuine. One of the simplest moments on the album just happens to be the pure highlight and that is the beautiful ballad “How To Love Me”. With crackling effects and a beautiful piano accompaniment that allows her vocals to soar, this song will leave you speechless. “When I’m with you I can never read your mind. Why don’t you know I’m lying when I say I’m fine. Why don’t you learn how to love me when I can’t sleep would you hold me?”. However the rest of the album is a bit of a snorefest with “For You”, “New Orleans”, “Song Cries And Amens” and “From You” offering nothing above average and really could have been left of this track listing for maximum impact. For 19 years old this debut record is a mature affair that sees her mastering her sound and confident with her vocal range offering some impressive techniques including the Mariah whistle. Listening from from start to finish is a bit of a draining process but the first half is definitely worth discovering.


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