What would the world do without the likes of Gwen Stefani and Fergie? They’ve genuinely helped society remember how to spell words like bananas, glamorous, tasty, delicious and I’ve really missed having an education through music. 10 Years have passed since Fergie’s debut solo album “Duchess” and it looks like we may finally be getting her highly anticipated sophomore album appropriately titled “Double Duchess”. And when I say highly anticipated I am referring to 2008 because people seem to be very uninterested now. Not me though. I am very excited. However I’m not going to lie, the lead single “M.I.L.F $” is pretty awful. But it’s so bad that it’s so good. The hook is ridiculously catchy and the production is insanely on point that you will find yourself body popping instantaneously. “You got that, you got that, you got that milk money. I got that, I got that, I got that milf money”. And I’m really happy to report that she teaches you how to spell the words independent, broke and paid with this little bop. So while you may feel your IQ sky plummeting when listening to this song It’s good to remind yourself that she’s actually educating you. This confident and ballsy song is not the breakthrough hit that Fergie is probably hoping for but it is the sort of song I’m going to be proudly blasting in preparation for a messy night out on the town.

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