EP REVIEW: Runaway Weekend – Deja-Vu



Adelaide four-piece Runaway Weekend are quickly becoming a band you want to talk about. Their debut EP is a moody collection which see’s them departing from their pop/rock sound they mastered with “2AM” and offers an improved mature approach. Title track and lead single “Deja Vu” could easily just be compared to The 1975’s back catalogue with the style of direction but what is really impressive is the level of production this song delivers. This is a band who are only really just beginning and for them to lead a release with a mostly instrumental track that focuses on the growth of the mood is endearing. Kyle’s vocals haunt through the verse and when he whispers “Deja Vu” and the production explodes you are waiting for something else to happen, but then it doesn’t. I would have liked to have heard another verse or a hook of somewhat because the production leads it up to this epic moment that gradually declines. Regardless this is still a really strong song and perfectly sets the mood for the remainder of the EP. “Youngblood” is a future single waiting to be unleashed, the funky hook will have you grooving and singing along instantaneously. “Seen This Before” is a moody instrumental track which perfectly segues into the pop/rock ballad “Not Myself” which grows on you with each listen but doesn’t really meet the emotional expectations the previous track set. Finishing the EP with the addictive “Mister, Mister” is a smart move because when it finishes you do want to go back and press replay on the EP. The only thing with this song is that the production isn’t as tight compared to the others and lacks the explosive element in the hook that it really aches. For a debut EP which was solely produced on their own “Deja Vu” is an impressive offering that sets the bar high for the band. Definitely one you need to discover.

Runaway Weekend “Deja Vu” Tour Dates;

July 10 – BRISBANE – The Foundry
July 16 – MELBOURNE – Wrangler Studios
July 18 – ADELAIDE – Producer’s Bar

Tickets available here; Tickets Available http://crtive.oztix.com.au


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