ALBUM REVIEW: Delta Goodrem – Wings Of The Wild


Releasing an album with minimal promotion is a bold move so when Delta Goodrem announced the release of her fifth studio album a week out it made me a bit anxious. However “Wings Of The Wild” is a collection of confident, powerful and empowering pop songs that show a growth in not just her songwriting but her composition as well. Delta has always been known for her slightly cheesy songs that could come across a bit gimmicky and cringeworthy however she eliminates that element with a more mature approach. Lead single “Dear Life” was a honest and emotionally moving pop ballad that reflected on her life battles and the internal questioning one may face with a minimalistic piano and string arrangement. While on the other end of the spectrum “Wings” offered a tribal EDM influenced beat that created one of my favourite bangers of 2015. While they may have been different musically what these two songs had in common was strong and empowerful lyrics. And this album is a perfect mix of musical experimentation, staying true to her piano roots and memorable lyrics. Opening track “Feline” perfectly captures the mood of the album oozing confidence and giving you vivid imagery. “I’m running into the fire , falling into the flames. Turns me into a lion, I am a feline, feline, fear the feline”. We are all aware that Delta knows how to deliver an emotional ballad and I honestly was expecting more moving material than what was offered. “Heavy” is everything I wanted from this album. Her vocal delivery drastically adapts to the storyline from being unsure to reflecting and then incorporates this theatrical musical theatre vocal approach which gave me “Child Of The Universe” vibes. But the most surprising moment came from the beautifully touching cover of The Darkness’ “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” which I never imagined could ever sound like this but she somehow made it work. Ballads don’t always work at conveying the emotion it sets out to showcase and the lacklustre “Only Human” and “Encore” provide the forgettable moments while “I’m Not Giving Up” and “The River” show strength they also give a slightly cringeworthy feeling. Appealing to the “Wings” production “Just Call”, “In The Name Of Love” and “Hold On” are big pop moments that could easily be heard on the radio and simultaneously top the charts. However instead “Enough” (feat. Gizzle) was chosen as the next single. Don’t get me wrong, I like the motivational “Battle Scars” vibe they are going for but Guy Sebastian and Lupe Fiasco have already been there and done that. Snore. As a body of work “Wings Of The Wild” is an endearing collection of mature pop songs that reflect on her love, loss and battles while still being easily relatable to her listeners. It’s important for artists like Delta Goodrem to release positive and inspiring music like this when we are at a time in the world when there is a lot of confusion and loss around us. If you’re looking for some reflective and feel good pop then look no further.



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