LIVE REVIEW: The Paper Kites – The Tivoli

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You know that moment when you just hear good music? Well Sydney four piece I Know Leopard delivered that during their opening set with a wave of dreamy indie-pop. Playing songs from their debut EP “Another Life” and some unreleased gems that need to grace your airwaves soon, it’s no denying that this band have got some killer material. Their onstage presence is well balanced with lead singer Luke easing into the crowd and providing a good mix of upbeat and somber tracks.

When you mix music and a visual theatre experience you pretty much get The Paper Kites “Midnight Tour’. The concept behind this show was to have four apartment windows that through the music would allow you to see what happened after midnight. It was a loose storyline that followed four apartment windows; a fighting couple, an artist, two dancers and a party. The execution of this was simple yet visually stunning. The short hour set started with the minimalistic “Halcyon” that had all the members surrounding lead vocalist Sam Bentley harmonising while he accompanied on acoustic guitar. The rest of the band then took their spots on stage and the mood of the show drifted throughout the storyline making these somewhat dreary songs connect on a different level. To stick with the theme of the show there was minimal crowd interaction to allow the story have it’s full impact. One of the most simple and beautiful moments of the night was when they turned off all the lighting in the venue and played a song in pitch darkness. This really played up to the concept that this whole album was written between the hours of midnight and sunrise. Sitting there you could really imagine yourself in the creative process, and all you were really missing were some candles for mood lighting. Finishing the set just like how it begun, the band surrounded Sam one more time to deliver “Bloom” giving you chills with their flawless harmonies that I still can’t get over. This intimate affair was an incredibly unique way to showcase their new album and with an incredible execution I couldn’t help but be so impressed.


Link to Interview with Dave Powy from The Paper Kites;


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