ALBUM REVIEW: The Temper Trap – Thick As Thieves

If you’re going to bet on any Australian band to make it big overseas at the moment, you will probably put bets on The Temper Trap (if not, then maybe the Rubens). They are a band who just get it. They have mastered the stadium rock sound, they’ve got hits, their stage show is on point and they regularly get compared to U2 and Coldplay. Their debut album “Conditions” hypnotised everyone with it’s incredibly produced indie-rock and spell binding vocals. However their sophomore self titled release didn’t translate well with listeners when they took too much of an experimental approach. Four years in between records and they are finally back with their highly anticipated third studio album. “Thick As Thieves” reverts back towards the sound their debut perfected however it’s not as glittery and still have some rough experimentation. Serving you strong hooks and great guitar solos complimented by captivating falsetto I couldn’t help at times but think I was listening to a Coldplay record. Title track “Thick As Thieves” was a strange album opener because it was a lot heavier compared to the other material and didn’t seem to actually compliment anything. “Alive”, “Fall Together” and “Burn” provide the big hook moments that could easily be plastered all over your airwaves and you wouldn’t even mind. “Lost” is a more intimate affair that really captures the essence Dougy Mandagi’s vocals. “Nothing in the world can tears us apart when it all comes crashing down and our lives are buried underground”. Followed closely giving a similar impact is the melodic “What If I’m Wrong”. These songs are very important to the album because it shows vulnerability and simplicity when theres so much production and synths overshadowing the remainder of the songs. “Riverina”, “Summer’s Almost Gone”, “Tombstone”, “Ordinary World” and “So Much Sky” feel lost on the album and are plagued with either being forgettable or over produced. This album is not as strong as their debut record but it’s a lot better than their sophomore release and on the right path to be memorable. The moments that stand out are very cool and could easily dominate the charts, it’s just the other half which may hold down the momentum.


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