ALBUM REVIEW: Red Hot Chili Peppers – The Getaway

The Red Hot Chili Peppers is undoubtedly a name you’re very familiar with and whether you love or hate their ridiculous songs you can’t deny their insane talent. For their eleventh studio album the funk-rock four piece has approached this record with a softer approach. With minimal “rapping techniques” lead vocalist Anthony Kiedis actually sings on this record, more than on any other album before. There’s an intimacy that producer Danger Mouse has been able to bring out in their music while still holding onto that riveting bass-line and funk/alt-rock sound that you ideally love about RHCP. “The Getaway”, “Dark Necessities”, “Longest Wave” and “Goodbye Angels” has them taking elements from their well-known sound and translating it into a more mature approach. They are a band who are always evolving and while their last studio album “I’m With You” was quite forgettable, this is the album they were meant to release. This time their ideas actually translated well in the recording process, unlike on the last album which just sounded a bit lost. They still have their insane quirkiness in their songwriting and the infectious “Go Robot” is a perfect example of that. “I want to thank you and spank you upon your silver skin, robots don’t care where I’ve been” // “She cried so hard, you know she looked like Alice Cooper”. While this album is full of new, melodic RHCP like the mellow reflecting “Encore” they still deliver moments that sound like their glory days. “We Turn Red” and “This Ticonderoga” will have you pretty happy but it’s just a reminder of what you really wanted this album to be. In it’s entirety “The Getaway” is a solid collection of tracks that has the Red Hot Chili Peppers experimenting and trying to re-invent themselves again. Some of the songs are a bit monotonous when played together and you may question if a new song has started or not. (No shade, just truth). But this is a promising return for one of the biggest names in alternative rock.


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