ALBUM REVIEW: Ngaiire – Blastoma


You may not be familiar with the name Ngaiire yet but make sure it’s on your list to do today, okay? The neo-soul songstress has been impressing audiences across Australia over the past couple of years with her electric live shows so it was about time we get blessed with her sophomore studio album. “Blastoma” is a short offering that doesn’t disappoint delivering a fusion of soul, beats, synths and smooth R&B. The songs are all dominated by her captivating vocals and will leave you entranced during this unique storytelling affair. The songs all compliment each other, offering something a bit different to the overall sound. Album opener “Anchor” is a bit more beat driven while “Once” launches into a gritty synth-neo soul bop that shows a nice contrast to her vocals. Early highlight is the Jack Grace collaboration “Cruel” which gives you a lush 80’s synth making this ballad irresistible to your ears. “I never thought that loving you would be so cruel”. And then the album keeps aiming to surprise you with the electronic influenced “House On A Rock” and “Diggin” which goes back to the roots from her debut album. “Many Things” continues to give the neo-soul goodness while “Fall Into My Arms” and “I Can’t Hear God Anymore” offer the more intimate moments this album needed. The only track that felt a bit out of place/forgotten was the synth saturated “I Wear Black” which didn’t seem to give the same impact as the other material. You may only just be discovering her now but Ngaiire is a strong force to be reckoned with. Not only is this album impressive on a first listen, it manages to find a way to keep making an impact with each listen.