SINGLE REVIEW: Usher – Crash // No Limit


It’s been 4 years since we have had new music from Usher, so it’s a bit overdue and what better way to make a comeback than releasing two new singles. “Crash” and “No Limit” give you a contrast of two classic Usher sounds. “No Limit” focuses on the trap/R&B roots his music has always embodied. While it may give you a boppy hook it doesn’t really hide the fact that this song is a bit forgettable. It relies on the overused beat and borderline disturbing lyrics that he will be hoping that the clubs will be interested in. “Give you that ghetto D girl, no limit. Just know when you roll with a nigga like me there’s no limit baby”. Also why are unnecessary irrelevant rappers always featuring on songs, this track would have still had the same effect with or without the Young Thug feature. On the other hand “Crash” is a R&B ballad that see’s his falsetto touching your emotional side and having you fall in love with his vocals all over again. The song’s production is very similar to his 2012 hit “Climax” but when you hear the other (sightly tacky) single choice you cant help but be happy he’s also still making music like this. “Would you mind if I still loved you? Would you mind if things don’t last? Would you mind if I hold onto you so that I won’t crash?”. This track has hit written all over it because it shows the genuine vulnerability in his vocal delivery and experiments with mellow synths to keep this sound fresh for his listeners. “Crash” is worth the raving but “No Limit” is very much worth forgetting.


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