SINGLE REVIEW: Jarryd James feat. Broods – 1000x


I’m genuinely a sucker for ballads and I get really excited about the emotional moments but the thing is when you hear something special you just know it. Jarryd James’ new pop gem featuring New Zealand hitmakers Broods is a track you need to become acquainted with. “1000x” is a beautifully produced, moody ballad that perfectly allows Jarryd and Georgia’s vocals to harmonise together making this one lush duet. Even though this is Jarryd’s song I had to keep reminding myself because Georgia’s vocals really capture the essence of the track and dominate your thoughts. “In a another lifetime I will never change my mind, I will do it again 1000x”. This song is an offical lead single for the re-release of his debut album which will be getting the international treatment and what a song to do it with. It’s memorable, emotional and just an all round beautiful song.

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