SINGLE REVIEW: Bastille – Good Grief


Bastille are no strangers to the top ten charts and I’m going to take a little guess that after multiple of their songs from “Bad Blood” made it up there that they want to continue that success. “Good Grief” is the first single from their forthcoming sophomore studio album “Wild World” and while it has all the right elements to be a hit, something is just lacking. Or is it that they are trying too hard? At a first listen I wasn’t impressed, second listen I was mutual and a third listen I was intrigued. Would I purposely listen to it? Probably not. Would I turn it off if it came on? No. It’s one of those tracks which will probably take a little while to make an impact but it is a good song, it just gets lost in the frenzy of musical ideas. “Every minute and every hour I miss you, I miss you, I miss you more. Every stumble and each misfire I miss you, i miss you, I miss you more”. it’s a break up song which is meant to be heartfelt but also wants to be quirky and anthemic with 90’s inspired production that builds and evolves. This is a track which will come to life in their live performance and with the spoken “film moments” it might make a bit more sense once we hear the full record. “Good Grief” will probably fly under the radar with the strong songs we have out at the moment but there’s still hope because after all this isn’t a bad song. it’s just not as good as their predecessors.


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