SINGLE REVIEW: The Veronicas – In My Blood


The Veronicas are continually evolving as artists and their forthcoming fourth studio album will see them delve into heavier experimentation. They debuted a dark new song at their preview show on the Gold Coast called “Best Friend” which had gritty guitars and smooth harmonies reminiscent of Lana Del Rey. “I’m still in love with your best friend”. So I was expecting something a bit different when it came around to the lead single dropping but I wasn’t entirely expecting this. “In My Blood” is an ultra pop and EDM enriched sound that on a first listen is a bit confronting because you’re not used to hear them like this. But on a second listen you will be instantly hooked with its infectious and euphoric hook that will pulsate through you. No matter the direction they go towards musically they also manage to give you the feels, majorly and this song is no different. “We don’t have to wait all night to know if this is really love. We don’t have to wait all night cause I can feel you in my blood”. Their harmonies are still on point and it still has that Veronicas feel to it. It’s just the beginning of a new era with a new maturity and club ready sound. I’m really interested to see how this will translate live because it’s so different to anything they’ve ever done before and I’m intrigued to hear how the rest of the record will compare.



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