SINGLE REVIEW: Lucy Neville – Damaged Goods


I’m a lover of good pop music and 20 year old Sydney based songstress Lucy Neville gives you just that. Her debut EP “Lady” was incredibly impressive and massively under appreciated. Her indie-pop meets synth pop could be easily compared to Ellie Goulding but shouldn’t be limited to because her versatility is unique and is still being discovered. The follow up single to last year’s introductory offering is the stripped down and bluesy “Damaged Goods”. This track allows her vocals to take the spotlight with no added gimmicks and with the sultry acapella opening and hypnotizing harmonies you can’t help but be locked in a trance. The raw production is very smart with the way it builds momentum adding in different elements to give you a hauntingly beautiful vibe. The only negative thing about this song is that it finishes so abruptly at 2:50 and you are left wanting more. But that’s what the replay button is for yeah?



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