ALBUM REVIEW: Tegan And Sara – Love You To Death


Tegan And Sara were criticised and praised for their 2013 album “Heartthrob” which saw them go towards a mainstream pop sound. For their eighth studio album they’ve continued with the 80’s inspired synth pop sound and are going towards an arena sound that rivals the likes of Taylor Swift and Carly Rae Jepsen. “Love You To Death” is a multi-layered record that serves you glossy pop but doesn’t jeopardise giving you honest and insightful lyrics. This album sees them being more queer friendly and no longer hiding their sexuality replacing non gender specific pro nouns like they and you with she and her. On “BWU” they discuss being in a committed relationship and not needing the word marriage to actually celebrate the relationship. Marriage equality is a topic that hasn’t really been covered this openly before in pop music and it’s important to shine a light on these issues within the LGBTQ community. “I love you, I don’t need a ring to prove that you’re worthy. You’re under my skin, it’s easy, I don’t need a lock to prove that you trust me”. And whilst being serious they also show a playful side in “Boyfriend” that has them outing a girl who has a boyfriend but is experimenting on the side and it’s a “you cant treating me like this” sort of moment but a little cheeky at the same time. The songs all follow the same format and structure and on a first listen the album sounds receptive and a bit predictable. But once you actually listen to it a couple of times through and hear the lyrics you will be left impressed. The albums strongest moment is the ridiculously catchy “Dying To Know” which explores the curiosity of an exes life. “I’m dying to know, is the one you ended up with everything you wanted?”. “Stop Desire”, “That Girl”, White Knuckles” and “U-Turn” continue to deliver the big pop moments while 100x gives you the most intimate moment on the record. The song is about their relationship as sisters and the ultimate bond they have, and if you’re not a sucker already for songs like this then you will be. “Faint Of Heart” and “Hang On To The Night” are the only two songs on this album which are easily forgotten and could be skipped for maximum impact. This isn’t your average pop album, its a euphoric and thoughtful commentary of love, loss and wonder while making the over-used synth pop genre still sound exciting.


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