ALBUM REVIEW: Ladyhawke – Wild Things


Ditching the alternative pop rock sound and delving into the realm of synth pop Ladyhawke’s new direction is a massive departure from 2012’s forgettable “Anxiety”. And you probably didn’t even realise that she released an album in 2012 because that’s how much attention it received. Before entering the studio for her third album she gave up drinking, got married and decided to write as a celebration of love and not so cynically. “Wild Things” is her most consistent body of work yet, sonically giving you comparisons to Churches and Charli XCX. Yep, it goes that pop. It’s a positive affair that reflects on her relationships and still holds onto her quirkiness that you have come accustomed to in her songwriting. She sure knows how to write a memorable hook and from the total bop “A Love Song” to the gritty synth-tastic “Dangerous” you will be pleasantly surprised and intrigued. Her music has always had heavy guitar elements and amongst the 80’s inspired synths on this record she still holds onto these roots. “The River” and “Chills” dominate this sound while title track “Wild Things” and “Hillside Avenue” give you pulsating synths the are perfect representations of the new sound. “Let It Roll” is an immediate favourite with it’s catchy clap beat and is the most similar/comparable to her debut album. The album starts off strong but towards the end it goes towards a slower burn where songs like “Golden Girl” and “Wonderland” become forgettable. It’s not the most groundbreaking album out but it’s a perfect career re-allignment that will have people re-discovering her music and falling in love all over again.