SINGLE REVIEW: Betty Who – I Love You Always Forever


If you love pop music then you are already well aware of Betty Who’s dreamy pop and are currently awaiting the release of her sophomore studio album. To tide you over until the offical lead single finally drops she has released a re-envisioned version of Donna Lewis’ 90’s anthem “I Love You Always Forever”. This heavy synth adaption is on par with her dreamy synth pop that you’re accustomed to and focuses on a bolder hook than the original. However the bridge breakdown is far less impactful than the original and while she has some impressive vocal runs it really deserved to be more of a moment. The direction, production and delivery of this cover is promising for what I’m sure will be a massive lead single and a even bigger album. She does want everyone to know that this cover is not on the album and is exclusively a release for her fans to know that the return is very close. Add this to your weekend playlists and feel the radiating love.