INTERVIEW: The Paper Kites

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Before you ready this interview, here are some vital stats about Dave Powy’s thought process before my interview. (aka very important information)

Vital Stats:

Where am I doing this interview? = In my lounge room
What song do I have stuck in my head? = Dizzee Rascal – Dance Wiv Me
What am I craving right now? = My cousin’s chocolate brownie

If you haven’t heard of The Paper Kites yet and you’re an avid lover of folk-rock then it’s time you get around to discovering this band. With the release of their second studio album and concept record “twelvefour” this five piece from Melbourne are about to head out on the road on their biggest tour yet. The “Midnight” tour will head to theatres nationwide mixing film, art and music with a visual show that brings the album to life and is not to be missed. I recently chatted to guitarist Dave Powy from the band to discuss everything tour, album and studio life.

1. Your latest album “twelvefour” is a beautiful and honest record that explores the concept that an artist’s creative peak is between midnight and 4 am. So you only wrote and recorded during this time. Where did this concept come from and how did you find that creative process?

= A passing comment from one of Sam Bentley’s friends back in August 2014 delivered the spark and that idea turned into the heart of the project, so every night Sam would sit down when the clock ticked over to midnight and just start writing… for two sleepless months he reversed his sleep patterns, penning thirty songs in his home studio.  Sam said it was wild to write until you’re so tired that nothing sounded too over-worked and the songs didn’t feel restricted by a commonly analytical brain

2. You guys are about to kick off a nationwide tour where you are going to be presenting this album in theatre form with visual storytelling. What can your fans expect from these shows?

= We wanted to do something different and challenging for this tour. Also this will take the theme of the album to another level as a live experience. We’re really excited.

3. When writing and recording this album you actually filmed a documentary to accompany it. When can your fans expect this to be released?

= We are still working on the documentary. Not sure about a release date yet.

4. Breaking the Australian market is always exciting but breaking the US market too, now that’s something to be proud of. You’ve toured there a couple of times now, how have you found touring over there compared to Australian crowds? 

= North American crowds are great. Most people are not afraid to come and say g’day after the show. People are so grateful that you would travel all the way there to play for them, you never stop hearing about it! It’s so great!

5. What is your favourite thing about the Australian music industry?

= It’s always growing yet it feels transparent enough to be a community. Bands champion other bands without competition. And there’s so many great bands that people overseas forget are Australian!

6. Your music videos are always so vividly beautiful and detailed. For you do you find the visuals to be as important as the sound product?

= Yes. It’s so great to see peoples songs come alive with film. I think the two forms of art complement each other so well.

7. Here are a few sentences that you have to complete with the first thing that comes to your head;

– My ultimate music festival line up would be….. 2016 Bluesfest
– Something that is on our rider that you wouldn’t expect is…. Whole fruit
– A name we were considering (or would have) instead of The Paper Kites was… The Orangutan Zombie Choir
– One question I can’t stand in interviews is… “Tell us how it all started”
– I don’t usually… Watch TV
– The most unexpected thing in my music collection is… Hilary Duff ‘Metamorphosis’

Supported by I Know Leopard and Luke Thompson

Thu 23 June – Enmore Theatre – Sydney (ALL AGES)
Fri 24 June – Athenaeum Theatre – Melbourne (ALL AGES)
Sat 25 June – The Tivoli – Brisbane (18+) *
Fri 1 July – Astor Theatre – Perth (18+) *
Sat 2 July – Norwood Town Hall – Adelaide (ALL AGES)

Tickets on sale now through usual retailers
* U18 may attend with parent/guardian

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