SINGLE REVIEW: Martin Solveig feat Tkay Maidza – Do It Right


Martin Solveig is responsible for the ridiculous catchy smash “Hello” and Tkay Maidza had you bopping last year to “M.O.B” and “Ghost” so it was a no brainer that when these two came together, something cool was going to be born. “Do It Right” is just that, a cool dance track that has an infectious dance beat which is going to ignite in clubs all over the world. It’s a summer anthem that the US are going to LOVE, while here in Australia it’s going to keep us warm and boogieing hard during winter. It’s playful, cheeky and so much fun and the hook will be automatically stuck in your head. “What you doing with my head? I may let you go ahead but you gotta do it right, right, right”. The tropical vibes and drums may be one of my favourite things about this track other than Tkay’s hypnotizing vocals which have improved a lot over the past year. The vocalist’s rapping is missing from this track which is a tad disappointing but it shows a versatility which is something Azealia Banks has yet to successfully show. So if you want a feel good dance track to move your hips too then this is your bop.


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