SINGLE REVIEW: Broods – Couldn’t Believe


Are you ready for a big call to be made? Because I’m ready to say it. Broods have delivered my favourite song of 2016 and it’s a monster pop track that explodes euphoric goodness. “Couldn’t Believe” was a song I first heard in April while I was in the US and attended a couple of Ellie Goulding shows. They were the opening act and every night they closed with this song and even though no one had heard it before everyone just seemed to relate to the lyrics and lose themselves in the euphoric mood that this song embodies. It was a powerful thing being in that moment in the arena every night and feeling it. This is a very different song for Broods as it boasts a heavier pop and synth sound compared to the moody indie-pop they usually grace us with. But it works. Oh boy, it works. The hook will transcend you into ultimate bliss and will have you hitting replay 100 times over just like I did. “And I couldn’t believe my eyes, I couldn’t believe my ears, but I’m looking at you now and I can’t believe we’re here”. One thing I was worried about after seeing this song live a couple of times pre-release was that when the studio version came it wouldn’t have the same magic but I didn’t have to stress because it still captures the energy that was displayed in the live show perfectly. Georgia’s vocals are also very much on point and help make this song very memorable. “Couldn’t Believe” is a monster track that you really need to listen to.

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