ALBUM REVIEW: Meghan Trainor – Thank You


Meghan Trainor has found the inner sass and groove that was missing from her monotonous debut album “Title”. Taking production inspiration from the likes of Pharrell and Justin Timberlake “Thank You” is a collection of funky and infectious pop tracks. Opening track “Watch Me Do” gives you call and response and big band goodness, making it a song that could actually be tolerable in her live set. Thankfully the overused Doo-woop sound is minimal on this record, so the cringe worthy moments are minimised. Lead single “No” introduced this new and improved confident sound with a early 2000’s homage to artists like Destiny Child and Ciara. As someone who really didn’t like Meghan Trainor I found myself bopping along to this many times and eating my words. Then she released the self love jam “Me Too” and suddenly this guilty pleasure is becoming really serious, because I’m now choosing to listen to her, CHOOSING. “Better” sounds like it was meant for Ariana Grande but she pulls off the seductive vocal production telling an ex lover that “I was warned but fooled by charm and you deserve to be alone. And I deserve better, better than you”. Then she delivers “Kindly Calm Down” which is the piano ballad I’ve always wanted from Meghan. Beautifully intimate, it allowed us to see a different side of her vocally and as an artist without all the gimmicks. “Hopeless Romantic” brings back the doo-woop sound her debut relied on but the difference is that this song is actually good. “Just A Friend” and “Dance Like Yo Daddy” continue this sound but is just forgettable. And unsurprisingly there are a few average and annoying songs like “I Won’t Let You Down”, “I Love Me” and “Champagne Problems” which don’t bring any new ideas or memorable moments while “Woman Up” is just gimmicky and low key steals the hook from Ashley Roberts song of the same title. This album feels quite long when listening to it in full, like can I really deal with 13 Meghan Trainor songs in my life? it’s a massive improvement and growth from her debut and while half the album is still a snorefest, at least its half better than “Title”.


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