ALBUM REVIEW: Kygo – Cloud Nine


Norwegian producer KYGO has been raising eyebrows and impressing not only the house music scene but the pop world with his energetic live shows and the breakthrough global smash “Firestorm” (feat. Conrad Sewell). It seems like its been a long time coming but he’s finally released his debut album and it delivers exactly what you would expect but not much more. “Cloud Nine” is a tropical house record and if you don’t know what that means then basically it’s euphoric and downtempo/relaxed dance combined of elements of dancehall and deep house. And in more simpler terms if you are still unsure; basically dramatic piano with mild dance beats. That’s pretty much a perfect definition of this album, each song has the same structure and seems to hit the same limit and doesn’t exceed or experiment further. At a length of fifteen songs you would expect a bit more of a variation and if you listen to the “Intro” then thats pretty much the whole album. “Stole The Show” (feat. Parson James), “Fiction” (feat. Tom Odell) and “Raging” (feat. Kodaline) continues the alternative dance sound that “Firestorm” introduced and are all lead by strong male vocalists but ultimately give you the same vibes. However these are the strongest moments on the album. “Oasis” (feat. Foxes) and “Carry Me” (feat. Julia Michaels) deliver the pop moments for this record with Avici and Calvin Harris esq beats that would fit perfectly on the current wave of radio hits. “Serious” (feat. Matty Corby) gives the most complex and intriguing track in this collection with a jazz and blues vibes oozing through thick dance beats. The rest of the album is forgettable at best and “Happy Birthday” (feat. John Legend) is one of the most cringe worthy songs I have ever heard, and thats saying something. I really wanted more from this debut, and if he was more selective this could have been an impactful EP instead of a full length album. He shows real potential and it has it’s moments, but that’s what needs to be emphasised, moments.



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