SINGLE REVIEW: One Republic – Wherever I Go


YES. YES. YES. That was literally my thought process when listening to One Republic’s new single from their forthcoming fourth studio album. “Wherever I Go” is as anthemic as you would expect and delivers strong lyrics and harmonies but the question is would Ryan Tedder give us anything different? Layered with different vocal techniques and production alterations this song comes to life with a massive hook that his falsetto will have you swooning over. As epic as “Native” was, I found a lot of those songs took a couple of listens to appreciate but after one listen this song will be stuck in your head and you would have already added it to your playlist and pushed replay on it. “I know I could lie but I’m telling the truth, wherever I go there’s a shadow of you. I know I could try looking for something new but wherever I go, i’ll be looking for you”. So yeah, do yourself a favour and listen to this song because this is a hit that I’m sure radio are going to over play very shortly.



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