LIVE REVIEW: Little Mix – Brisbane Convention Centre


Little Mix are all about female empowerment and their Get Weird Tour celebrated their growth as a group and i honestly didn’t realise how talented these girls were until they took to the stage. From the opening performance of “Grown” the girls harmonies and choreography were straight away impressive. Like i’m talking about a mid song costume change that their male dancers ripped off their bodies and an all round epic live performance that would rival anything the Spice Girls did, and I know thats a big comment to make so I don’t say it lightly. But did I mention that all that was just the opening? We had 90 minutes of pop goodness that oozed cheesy, sexy and pure fun and I found myself turning into a teenager for a night; screaming, dancing and yelling out YASSSS anytime Jade flicked her hair or did anything really. Being the groups first Australian tour, their setlist was perfectly curated of songs from all their of their albums. These included fan favourites “Move”, “Hair”, “Change Your Life”, “Wings”, DNA”, “Salute”, “How Ya Doin?” and “Little Me”. Their interaction with the crowd was personable and allowed each member to have a moment to shine. I have to say though, I looked forward to whenever Perrie had a solo because her vocals are insane and bring a unique texture to the groups harmonies. The production was quite basic but allowed the focus to be on the girls and the choreography that lead the show. The vibe the show created was very euphoric, fun and upbeat and when you left the venue everyone was buzzing and raving about how that was one of the pop shows they had ever seen and I would have to agree. Little Mix are very underrated for the immense talent they have and that show proved why that show deserved to be the sell out event it was.


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