SINGLE REVIEW: Delta Goodrem – Dear Life


Last year Delta Goodrem delivered one of my favourite pop tracks of 2015, the infectious “Wings” was a song that really deserved more appreciation with its tribal dance beat that had me dancing from the first listen. However for her new single she has stripped it down and has given us one of the most honest and emotional deliveries of her career yet. “Dear Life” is a reflective ballad that looks at her life and questions some of the decisions she’s made and if she’s on the right path. It’s a completely universally relatable track as we have all been in that situation at some point and have questioned if we are doing the right thing. “Dear life, am I doing this right? Can you see me tonight, can you help me dear life? And I know that I can’t understand what you hold in your hands for me, dear life, I’m a survivor”. The production goes back to her early material where it’s just her and her piano as well some gorgeous strings that elevate this track to a whole new level. From the first listen you will be captivated by her emotionally raw vocals that are so versatile and see her hitting some incredible high notes. This is a song to get excited over for many different reasons so make sure you give it a listen and remember why you bought that “Innocent Eyes” album in 2003.

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